Monochrome Challenge Day 3

© Heidi Spitzig

© Heidi Spitzig

Thanks to John at Book of Bokeh for passing the 5 day Monochrome Challenge on to me. On this third day, I present to you the Raven.

There’s a funny story with this photo. It goes along with that trip to Adirondacks I mentioned in Day 1 of this five day monochrome challenge. I took this photo on the same trip. I was at the top of Whiteface Mountain and this giant raven would not leave me alone. He hopped after me everywhere I went, sometimes flying off and coming right back to me with various sorts of gifts like a rubber band or a seed.

This guy didn’t seem to mind posing for my camera, and I fell in love with him. It was truly a magical time — one of those trips where you think you literally left ordinary reality for an entirely different reality.


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