Monochrome Challenge Day 4

© Heidi Spitzig

© Heidi Spitzig

Thanks to John at Book of Bokeh for passing the 5 day Monochrome Challenge on to me. On this fourth day, I share this photo of Grimes Glen in Naples, NY thawing after a deep Winter freeze.

I love shooting ice in black and white. Actually, any Winter scene is only enhanced by black and white photography, in my opinion. It was a difficult decision which ice shot to include in this challenge. After some consideration, I went with this one simply because it reminds me of teeth. Not that I’m a fan of teeth, but it fascinates me the way ice forms and thaws on fast moving streams and I thought this image was a good representation of my fascination. I hope you enjoy it, too!


3 thoughts on “Monochrome Challenge Day 4

  1. An incredible series! I’m really enjoying these a lot. The Faerie Queen, the raven, the dock that started the series…but I really love this one. The permanence and yet transitory nature of the water is a striking image and beautifully caught…

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