Monochrome Challenge Day 5

© Heidi Spitzig

© Heidi Spitzig

Thanks to John at Book of Bokeh for passing the 5 day Monochrome Challenge on to me. On this fifth and last day, I present this image I took of Milkweed.

As much as I have a fascination for ice, I also have a fascination for Milkweed, Cattails, Queen Anne’s Lace, and other various wild foliage. There was something about this image though that made me choose it for this challenge — the wisps of silk that hold the seeds are so magical to me. Shiny and sticky, there’s great symbolism in how this “weed” holds such beauty internally. Kind of like the ugly duckling who grew up into a beautiful swan, may we never judge a book by its cover and be open to the hidden beauty and magic that resides inside us all.

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