Spirit and Bone: A Call to Wild Women

© Heidi Spitzig

© Heidi Spitzig

For months (years?), I have been dreaming up ideas of how to utilize my gifts and strengths to help others in a useful way.  Thinking of my own journey, I knew that it would somehow include bringing women out into nature and connecting with their stories through some sort of creative means. No matter how many different versions of this vision I have dreamed up, there are always certain core components I return to: nature, women, and creative healing through various modes of story telling. These are things I know about and can share.

A natural setting is important because that is where I learned to answer the wild call of my soul. When I moved to the country and lived by myself for the first time in my life, I realized I had a lot of healing to do. When I needed to ground and get out of my head, I’d spend hours outdoors, connecting with the beauty of the present moment. I learned how to turn down the volume on the voices that told me how I “should” be and learned to tune into the one true voice of “I AM.” Out on the land, just the trees and me, I truly felt free to be who I am — raw beauty, dirt, skin and bones, and all.

© Heidi Spitzig

© Heidi Spitzig

Out on the land, I cried my eyes out, clawed at the soil, curled up into a ball, danced with joy, ran through the woods, and felt held and seen and nurtured by something so much greater than myself. The Earth gave me a sense of purpose and belonging. She has been my most powerful teacher, mother, and friend.

I know this is true for so many women. Because that is what the Earth does — she sneaks in, whether through wind or birdsong or rain or mud, she finds her way into our bones.

Sharing our stories is important because this is how we heal. Those of us who have worn a mask for too long and have felt the gentle pull from somewhere deep within to rip off that mask to reveal the truth of who we are have the most profound stories to tell.

I believe that sharing stories, whether visually or verbally, has the power to transform because any attachments to the story can become realized and released. I want to provide a space for those stories to be told.

I know I am not alone in this. So many women are tuning into their inner wild woman and answering their own wild call of the soul. I see it every day. We are waking up.

Have you ever felt so strongly and passionately about something that it is hard to clearly see the steps needed to manifest the vision? That’s how all this felt to me. So when I saw that Carrie Hilgert, an artist and photographer I deeply respect, had manifested a nearly identical vision with her Spirit and Bone project and was looking for collaborators, I jumped at the opportunity. You’ll see why when you read Carrie’s vision below:

Make raw portraits of the inner wild woman. I want to capture your essence in the magic of the outdoors where spirit and bone meet to reveal our most potent selves.

Keep your clothing simple and free. Minimal or no clothing is also an option. Minimal or no makeup. Perfectly styled hair not required.

I want to show you the magic you are.

This isn’t about the photos. This is women, walking the earth together for a couple hours, holding up a mirror for each other’s journey of awakening. Of claiming our lives. Of owning our shit and making our own rules. Of connecting with the earth. It’s a walk of sisterhood, of discussing the subtle nature of growth. And I bring my camera and document the raw, natural woman in the sacred spaces of nature.

No need to perform, only to just be who you are right in that moment. Breathing in the air around you and grounding down into the earth. Simple and beautiful.


So, I offer this to you today: an opportunity to participate in this project. Like Carrie said, this is more than just the photos. It’s about capturing something much deeper: the vulnerability of women awakening and the bits of light that connect us all.

To find out more details or to book a session, please visit my Spirit and Bone project page.



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