Spirit and Bone Session: Healing from the Great Mother



I’ve been fumbling with words to capture what happened in the woods yesterday with Brenda. Each shoot I’ve completed has a different energy to it, a unique message that is wanting to come through. After reading Brenda’s intentions for this shoot, I decided to take Brenda to my Mother Tree. I named this tree that because that’s exactly what she is — a Mother. Her insides open to a gaping hole and you can sit inside of her and truly feel held by our Great Mother. So, I’m going to use my wise mind here and allow Brenda’s intention behind this shoot speak the story and allow the images we captured tell the rest of the story:

“I recently found out my ability to get naturally pregnant is not possible. I just turned 45 and we’ve been trying for our first child for a few years. There’s a whole wise and deep story behind it. I really see myself covered in mud from the legs up to my pelvis and then branching upward covering parts of my body. My wild woman archetype is clawing at the mud to find peace.”

Thank you, Brenda. Your vulnerability and willingness to greet chaos, poison, and pain and transform it into pure beauty speaks volumes of your strength and translates into a message of power and hope.











If you are interested in participating in this project, please visit my Spirit and Bone page to contact me.

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