Spirit and Bone Session: Letting Go


Shadow and Light meet at the edge of Water and Earth

There are times in life when everything you thought you were becomes challenged. You realize the story you created about yourself doesn’t hold up, especially when submerged in unfamiliar surroundings or you find yourself in an environment where the story you grew away from begins to unfurl the threads in the tapestry of the story you’re currently attached to.

Big questions rise up. Who am I? What do I want? What are my gifts? These are the questions Shelli was asking when I shot her Spirit and Bone session.

As I sat and listened to Shelli on the shore of Lake Ontario, she spoke intently of letting go of the attachment she had to who she thought she was. She spoke of how she had gone to her closest female friends, and all of them tried to tell her of her strength, wisdom, and light, but Shelli didn’t really feel connected to the projections and perceptions of how her friends viewed her.

She knew she was in a dark place and feeling a bit demoralized, and Shelli is the type of person who can handle the shadows. She is a good friend of mine, and I know she is a straight-up Spiritual Gangster. She even owns the t-shirt!


Listening to her tell her story, I witnessed her sink into the watery realm of the emotions behind the story. I knew she was letting go and merging into the flow of becoming something more infinite and less bound by attachment.

Some of my favorite images from our Spirit and Bone session tell part of Shelli’s story of letting go and sinking into that place of flow by intuitively responding to whatever arose.

I swear, she became a never-ending wave form as infinite as water.


Meeting the edge

Holding on to the attached roots

Holding on to the attached roots


Becoming water

Becoming water



Releasing "Shelli"

Releasing “Shelli”

Letting go: Shelli was quite attached to those shells but tossed them in the water anyway.

Letting go: Shelli was quite attached to those shells but tossed them in the water anyway.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please visit my Spirit and Bone page to contact me.

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