Spirit and Bone Project

“Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered, Wild Woman comes back. She comes back through story.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes

© Heidi Spitzig

When we tell our stories, we heal.

We are women who have been healing ourselves. We are bravely examining the disconnect from the divine feminine within and releasing the limitations that no longer serve our higher purpose. By reconnecting with Nature, we are reclaiming the raw and powerful elements that make up our essential beings.

We are waking up and we have stories to tell.

Raw Portraits of the Wild Woman

This is where you can see our collaborative efforts to show the various faces of the inner wild woman. Our goal is simple: take women to sacred spaces in nature, walk together sharing our journeys and photograph raw portraits as we go.

 This isn’t really about the photos. This is women, walking the earth together for a couple hours, holding up a mirror for each other’s journey of awakening. Of claiming our lives. Of owning our shit and making our own rules. Of connecting with the earth. It’s a walk of sisterhood, of discussing the subtle nature of growth. And I bring my camera and document the raw, natural woman in the sacred spaces of nature.

 No need to perform, only to just be who you are right in that moment. Breathing in the air around you and grounding down into the earth. Simple and beautiful.

 Brought together by Carrie Hilgert, this is a project we are working on summer/fall 2015. Please take a moment and read her intentions behind this project. I am asking for $200 to participate, to cover my time and the photos you will receive. If this is more than you can afford and you feel a strong pull to be a part of this project, please do not hesitate to let me know. It is important to me that we work something out so that this experience is accessible to any woman who feels called to be a part of it. If this project calls to you, please use the contact form below, knowing that your photos may be used in this project, however it turns out.

 As you look through the photographs of these women, consider their stories. The shedding of expectations, of toxic layers that no longer serve them, the need for freedom, to not be boxed in. Each one traveling down an unknown path, but finding a strange comfort in the risk, of the openness of creating the life they want. Finding comfort and healing among the earth and hearing the call of the deep among the wild.

 See the golden threads of awakening among them. We are so thankful to each one who stepped forward in vulnerability to show their most natural self and put these images out into the world. By doing so, each one is being the change in how we see women and showing the many faces of the inner wild woman. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

We want to make raw portraits of the inner wild woman.

To capture your essence in the magic of the outdoors

where spirit and bone meet,

to reveal our most potent selves.

Keep your clothing simple and free. Minimal or no clothing is also an option. Minimal or no makeup. Perfectly styled hair not required.

What does a Spirit and Bone session look (feel) like?

* We meet at a sacred, outdoor location. I am located in the Finger Lakes region of NY, so location should be close to this area. I will consider traveling, but with an additional cost. This may be somewhere you have chosen, a place that is meaningful to you. Or, a place that I am familiar with (there will be trees, and nature, and dirt, and expansive freedom to support your soul).

* Together, we go for a Spirit Walk. We will set an intention for our walk and welcome in Spirit. Noticing the world around us, breathing in the air and letting our feet sink into the earth. We will look for any messages or Medicine that is waiting for you.

* I will use my training as a transformational coach to provide gentle questioning and holding of your sacred story. You have a story to tell and the world is longing to hear your words. Show me your Wild Woman…truth-telling, shit-owning, no expectations, no judgment. This is a chance to speak the words out loud, to say the things that you’ve been aching (or afraid!) to say out loud and release attachment. Together we will hold a space for their potential.

* There might be tears. There will undoubtedly be laughter.

* Be yourself: the highest version of yourself, the Self that you would be if there weren’t any rules or expectations set on you. No need for fancy costumes, clothing changes and professionally styled hair/makeup. This is you, unfiltered, RAW.

* Along the way, I will be taking your photograph. Many of the images will be candid, all of the images will be soulful.

* Sessions last approximately two hours. They cost $200. If this is more than you can afford and you feel a strong pull to be a part of this project, let me know. It is important to me that we work something out so that this experience is accessible to any woman who feels called to be a part of it. You will receive the images electronically, to do whatever you choose to do with them. Use the contact form below to book your session today.

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